SFHacks is the programming club of Saint Francis High School. We run tutorials, competitions and even hackathons in collaboration with other schools and sponsors.

4+ Hackathons Organized
We're excited to introduce LancerHacks every year, which lots of planning discussion before each event.
50+ Active Club Members
Each week, the club gets together for some friendly algorithm competitions or lectures about new fields of programming.
The final hackathon is hosted by Saint Francis and invites tons of other schools to compete and learn programming together!


December 2021

Event: Initial planning of LancerHacks begins. Start of operations (such as logistical planning and marketing operations) start in order to raise awareness, funding, and sponsors for the hackathon.

February 2022

Event: LancerHacks begins. The event has many schools competing and designing new things pertaining to computer science. Winners and prizes are most likely announced on the same day.

March 2022

Event: LancerHacks ends. All prizes and winners will be announced and appropriately distributed.

The Team

  • President: Lino Le Van
  • Content Manager: Surya Jasper, Ayush Raj
  • Algorithm Competition Coordinator: Shlok Shah
  • Activities and Events Coordinator: Ruhi Yusuf, Nitish Gourishetty
  • St. Joseph Outreach Coordinator: Pranav Amarnath, Medha Mahanta
  • Social Media Manager: Swastik Purathepparambil
  • Site Manager: Rithvik Chavali


Nope! Hackathons are a great place to learn and gain experience; we have plenty of workshops and mentors.

No. We understand that everyone has busy schedules and may not be able to stay for the entire event. Contact us to make arrangements.

Yes! Admission, swag, workshops -- everything is free.

Anyone currently in high school or 8th grade.


Our club has drawn inspiration from the many presentations and workshops and created our own projects!

Peer to Peer
Peer2Peer connects volunteer tutors to students in need of academic help based on subjects and physical proximity with a rapid, minimalist front-end and a powerful RESTful backend and database.
Drone VR
Drone VR was created at MenloHacks 2016 with the goal of combining drones and virtual reality. The result was a setup where the user can control the drone with a PS3 controller while wearing a Google Cardboard.
Twit4Java is a Twitter client written entirely in Java. Currently, it allows users to compose tweets, view their recent Timeline, and glance at complex Profile information on other users.
Artificial Intelligence
Using the OpenCV framework, FingerTracker is a gesture recognizer that can detect how many fingers the user is holding up.


With our knowledge and expertise of programming, we sought to compete and nurture our skills in a variety of competitions. The most prominent of them was the Congressional App Challenge.

Congressional App Challenge
DriveSafe, submitted in 2015 by Andrew Ke, Arnav Gudibande, and Nishan D'Souza, won 2nd in the same district and received recognition from the US Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx.
Harker Invitational
At HPI, the team of William Chern, Arnav Gudibande, and Andrew Ke won 1st place in the novice division.
Lockheed Martin CodeQuest
At CodeQuest, the team of Arnav Gudibande, Nishan D'Souza, and Andrew Ke won 2nd place in Advanced and nationally placed in the top 15.
At OHacks, a hackathon at Oakland Technical High School, the team of Rohan Taori, Abinesh Sarvepalli, Ryan Hoque, and Amog Kamesetty won 1st for Rekt, a collision companion app.